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He used to stay with parents and an older brother, Sameer. His father worked in a hotel. His mother's excessive alcohol consumption disturbed Shareef so much so that he decided to run away to Secunderabad statio in search of his Usmaan mama who supposedly stays near Charminar. The police found him there and took him to Don Bosco school and later he was brought here.

He recalls his home to be somewhere in Maharashtra in the village of Nagar. From Nagar,there is a bus that goes till Karmala where there is a chai shop. People there might know about his father, Nazeer.

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Rs. 15,000/- (for the education of 5 children for 1 year)

Rs. 10,000/- (for the education of 3 children for 1 year)

Rs. 6000/- (for the education of 3 children for 1 year)