Vision & Mission

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To create a holistic and favourable environment for children, women and old-aged in need of love, care and protection and to enhance the holding capacity of inmates every year by 1000 so that more and more vulnerable children. Read More

Welcome to the Home India Charitable Trust website

Welcome to our website! Our mission is to prevent children from falling into the hands of exploitative, harmful entities (begging rackets, human trafficking, and etc.). We also aid in the rescue, refuge, and rehabilitation of these types of children: missing, runaways, kidnapped, deserted, untraced, escaped, and orphans.Kids with disabilities and special needs are accounted for too. The resources and personnel are in place for such adolescents. All this is done in a home well managed by us under the directives of the Child Welfare Committee. If a child gives us details about his parents, he is restored back to the family if the parents are ready to accept the child. Otherwise we commit them to our home until they are prepared to subsist independently. With the complexities regarding missing people, it is impossible for a person, agency, or government to address this issue. Compounding this is the lack of proper data and monitoring/tracking of missing people. However, head to the Andhra Pradesh Network Information Center site for some relevant data. Through this website and other initiatives, we seek to address these gaps so missing women, children, and men are accounted for and reintroduced into society. Additionally we help take action against the perpetrators of such exploitative acts. Plus we seek to complement law enforcement agencies, NGOs/CSOs, and the Department of Women Development & Child Welfare in their efforts to identify the missing person.For details regarding procedures if an acquaintance of yours is ever missing, feel free to use this website. Please contact us regarding and questions, comments, or any concerns you may have.